Solouki | Savoy, LLP is a Los Angeles law firm focusing on representing employees with wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment and class action claims against their employers.  Our attorneys provide compassionate and competent counsel and advocacy throughout California; from San Diego to San Francisco.

Justice and Fairness for All

Class-action lawsuits are the ideal vehicle to address legitimate employment claims.   Employers make millions of dollars per year by ignoring the laws in California that are in place to protect workers. If your employer is violating your rights as an employee, chances are your fellow workers are experiencing similar violations. Together, you have so much more power than each of you do alone. 

While your employer's infraction may seem minor to you, when multiplied across the company, the accumulated violations may be large enough to seek legal redress. By acting as a representative of a class of similarly situated employees, you can effect company-wide and industry-wide change.

At Solouki | Savoy, LLP, we are proud to make our clients' voices heard. When clients come to us with an employment law issue, we thoroughly investigate the claim to determine whether the employer's violations are the result of individual actions, or a company-wide policy. If our clients' employment issue is being experienced company-wide, we file a class-action suit to stop the infringing behavior and get our clients the compensation they deserve.

California Class-Action Employment Attorneys

Solouki | Savoy, LLP clients receive legal services from experienced attorneys, trained and experienced in employment related issues. 

We believe in client service. Our attorneys personally attend to each and every detail of our clients' cases. When clients call, we answer. Our attorneys respond quickly to clients' needs and develop creative solutions to effectively resolve our clients' toughest legal problems.

If your employer has refused to pay you your hard-earned wages, or you have been denied overtime due to misclassification, failed to receive meal and rest breaks, failed to receive vacation time owed or other violations of your rights as an employee, contact the Los Angeles employment lawyers of Solouki | Savoy LLP, at (213) 814-4940.